• Christmas and politics don’t mix

    Every once in a  while, the general public education neighborhood slips up and forgets its NEA-dictated politically appropriate liberalism.

    It happened in 2014 at a Long Island middle school awards event, when a soldier just back from Iraq was honored by permitting him to present a great citizenship citation to a student.

    After being introduced and before he was able to make the discussion, the soldier was showered with gratitude by the 800-strong reader. They jumped to their cumulative feet to offer their own award for his service, a standing ovation that went on for minutes.

    Teachers and school administrators in the district, which will not be determined to safeguard the innocent, were belatedly humiliated into taking part.

    Well, it happened once again, this time at a concert-not a Christmas show, naturally, but rather a “winter season concert”-at a high school in the exact same district where not only were America’s armed forces honored however Christmas tunes, including religious-themed hymns, were performed and consulted with similar approbation.

    When the National Education Association discovers that combined patriotic/religious rebellion, heads will certainly roll.

    In the grand scheme of political correctness, neither the military homage nor the celebration of Christmas were earth-shaking yet both represented a radical departure from the PC norm in the Long Island neck of the nationwide woods. Things like Houston Christmas lights installation services  provided irrefutable proof that there is some hope for peace of mind in Democrat Lawn Guyland.

    After the band director asked veterans and active task members of the Navy, Army, Militaries, and Air Force to stand at the suitable moment, the Symphonic Band offered choices from the battle tunes of all four branches of America’s military.

    Unprompted, the audience enthusiastically applauded both the servicemen and females and “Anchors Aweigh,” “The Caissons Go Rolling Along,” “The Militaries Hymn,” and “The united state Air Force.”.

    Pacifists in the audience have to have been wincing.

    The Festival Chorus then sang a rendition of Vince Guaraldi’s “Christmas Time Is Right here,” a cheery song about sleigh bells and snow flakes which might meet with approval even with atheistic grinches. The festival choristers overdid when they followed that harmless vacation ditty with the scripture tune, “Every Time I Feel the Spirit.”.

    Whatever was the chorus director believing when he enabled public school kids to sing, “Every time I feel the spirit relocating my heart, I will hope. Every time I feel the spirit moving in my heart, I will pray”?

    Did he think they were praying to the goddess of political correctness?

    Depending upon one’s point of view, the zenith or the nadir was reached in the winter season show when the Concert Band carried out as its last number, Leroy Anderson’s assortment “A Christmas Celebration.”.

    All this goes to prove that when it comes to religion and politics some things are best kept separate even though there will always be debates about religion and politics things always seem to heat up during election time.

  • Democrats on Car Insurance

    Whenever purchasing car insurance quote, a lot of representatives and brokers like to urge clients to purchase extra protections that several might need yet many additional might do without. At the leading of that list is a rental automobile biker, which prolongs coverage to motor vehicles that are rented out for a brief time.

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    carMany individuals credit report cards have a time limitation for when legit cases may be submitted, such as within 45 days of the damage-causing occurrence. The price of buying protection when really leasing a motor vehicle can be extremely higher, and a lot of firms will certainly not let a vehicle off their great deal without the defense of a plan in spot.

    A recent survey done by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners indicates concerning 42 percent of those surveyed at ideal had just a “approximation” of whether or not their already active vehicle insurance policy plans would certainly carry over when leasing. And 34 percent went in advance and paid for added protection when at the counter just before driving off in a leased motor vehicle due to the fact that they did not understand if they had insurance coverage or otherwise and would like to ensure they were covered. Oftentimes, either the best bank card or their automobile policies would have negated the necessity for that extra cost.

    While the additional price of such plans commonly is overwhelmeding to folks, the idea of rental repayment protection generally is far better understood by folks. Normally, when taking a trip and a car is harmed and needs repair services and even if associated with a crash while driving in your area, the price of obtaining temporary transport will certainly be paid up to certain limits with a rental compensation strategy. More info: http://aseguranzasdecarrosbaratas.com

  • Thanks for the support

    At this time, we have nearly $2500 left in our treasury, and are in the process of paying all of our outstanding debts. After the debts have been settled, we propose to divide any remaining funds among several previously endorsed SDCM candidates who won their 2010 elections: Howard County Registrar of  Macfarlane; Delegates Mary Washington.

    These individuals represent our organization’s key mission – the election of LGBT persons and allies to office. These individuals were at the forefront of the marriage and transgender protections debates during the 2011 General Assembly session, and will continue to fight for LGBT equality in the coming years. Our goal with this dispersal is that these individuals can use the funds to pay down any existing campaign debts, to advance their own re-election campaigns, and/or to support the campaigns of like-minded individuals of their choosing.

    We recognize that you may choose to not support this fund disbursement plan, and we respect that choice. If you object to this dispersal, you may request a refund of your 2011 dues/contribution. Your request must be received no later than September 30th. Please email your request for reimbursement to Alice and Mike.

    If you have any questions about this process, or in regard to the disbursement of funds please do not hesitate to contact Alice at 410-960-9803, John at 410-523-4069, or Jodi at 410-499-5634.

    Although we are sad to close SDCM at this time, we are hopeful that we and you can find other ways to support candidates for office who support LGBT causes and interests, and we wholeheartedly support the development of new organizations, PACs, or other ways of supporting pro-equality political candidates.

    Thank you for your support in the past and all the best in the future.